For the Dealership…

…that would like to bring paint repair in-house, Perma Touch offers a system that’s sure to be profitable.


  • Providing a paint chip repair service can be an additional profit center for your Service/Reconditioning department AND give you a clear competitive advantage.
  • Paint repairs can be performed in-house instead of outsourcing, for a savings of 90% or more.
  • From $50 to $100 of additional profit per vehicle can be realized due to improved paint appearance.
  • Quality control for paint repairs is managed in-house, so your inventory consistently looks better.
  • The Perma-Touch Process takes about 15-45 minutes per vehicle.
  • Repairs can be made inside the service department or out on the lot.
  • Any vehicle is a candidate for the Perma Touch System–new, used, or wholesale.

Over a million cars change hands each week, with billions of dollars spent on reconditioning each year.

How much of THAT will be your income?

What Do We Provide?

  • A mobile paint chip repair kit that allows you to work inside or outside the service department.
  • Online ordering and order tracking for supplies.
  • Scheduled visits from Perma-Touch customer service
    representatives. [*]
  • Monthly calls from a customer service representative to assure ongoing success.
  • Access to our Customer Service call center for help when you need it.
  • Extensive training via our training videos; these will educate your technicians in the techniques of paint reconditioning and can be reviewed periodically to further enhance their abilities.
  • Training-on site at your location or at our training center. [*]
  • Customized training on an as-needed basis.[*]

[*] Please contact us to determine cost and local availability.

What Does It Cost?

The initial cost to use the Perma-Touch system is $3,500. This includes training and all the materials you need to start using the system. You can order the paints and supplies as needed through our local distributor.


Please contact us for more information on using the Perma Touch system at your dealership.